A-Ben-A-Qui Universal Cleaner – abaq12fr


Simply apply the desired amount of paste on a clean cloth, preferably a microbre cloth (dampen cloths as the circumstances require). Rub the paste briskly in a circular motion and apply pressure if necessary. Flip the cloth over to unused clean side and dampen. Wipe the surface clean of any paste residue left behind and reapply as necessary.


Use to Clean and Polish the following: Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Refrigerators, Sinks, Water Based Paint, School Desks, Partitions, Stoves, Auto Chrome, Porcelain, Graffiti, White Board Conditioner, Lockers, Scuff Marks, Kitchen Utensils. Use on any hard surfaces such as: Counter Tops, Glass, Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic, Rubber Tile, Grout, Showers, Cabinets, Wood, Toilets, Tubs, Aluminum Metals, Fibreglass, Plastic