RMC Enviro Care Liqui-Bac 1L Concentrate – 17600132



Triple acting enzyme-producing living liquid bacteria with instant odor control. ENVIRO CARE LIQUI BAC is a living, non-toxic bacterial treatment which breaks down and liquefies solids such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and grease. ENVIRO CARE LIQUI BAC contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and immediately neutralizes all malodors. ENVIRO CARE LIQUI BAC remain 100% active until their work is done, at which time they begin rebuilding their colonies to replace fatalities and the cycle is repeated resulting in a successful ongoing drain or grease trap maintenance program. Recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, apartments, funeral homes, kennels, clinics, industries, recreational vehicles, marinas, septic tanks, sump-pumps, wet wells, porta-toilets for eliminating odors from carpets, animal and pet odors, grease traps, drain line maintenance, etc.